Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here!

Picture 51

We're three days into December and I haven't set out on my shopping escapade for others because, well, I'm too busy spending all my free time creating my own Christmas wish lists! I'll get around to shopping soon. (I promise.) (Maybe once I get paid in a few days.) Until then, I'll just tell you about what I want this year.

1. This NARS lipstick is perfect. J. Crew catalog after J. Crew catalog I've been admiring the lipstick on all of the models, and who would've thought a mere Google would lead me to find that it's NARS Heat Wave! Located in my local Sephora! It's the perfect red-orange and will look great on any skin tone. Plus, who doesn't want to look like those gorgeous J. Crew models?!

2. This Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins tour tee dates back to 2008, and while I saw them during that tour, I never picked up a shirt. (I got my hands on a heart-shaped Acid Tongue balloon and kept it tied to my wrist on the Metro ride home, though, but I guess that's a different story.) It's funny. It's Jenny Lewis. What could be better?

3. I'm a smell person. I dig smells. (Obvs, I work at LUSH after all. 30 hours of free aromatherapy a week!) I love smells so much that I've noticed myself almost unconsciously picking up ANYTHING and giving it a sniff. Like, glue sticks. In public. Whoops. Anyway, I fancy the earthy, spicy scents; I want to smell like a cedar tree everyday, all day, and this combo of spruce, birch, pine, and fir sounds absolutely delightful. This Etsy shop also sells soaps and lip balms! In scents and flavors like Pumpkin Pie!

4. I don't wear much jewelry. I only have one earlobe pierced (7th grade experiment with a potato and a safety pin), bracelets get in the way, and I find it hard to wear necklaces with scarfs in the Wintertime, but I love me a nice, simple ring. You can't really go wrong with a single gold band. It's classic, timeless, and goes with anything. Plus, a nice pop on a hand with a freshly painted coat of red polish (my favorite is OPI's Big Apple Red).

5. Oh, Feist. OH, FEIST! You're like a fine wine. Better with age. This is the most perfect Winter album that isn't a Christmas album. It's dark, mysterious, deep, sexy, cold, warm, and beautiful. To have this spinning on the record player while you exchange gifts and sip tea would be a most perfect Christmas. (Comes with a poster, too!)

6. These. Shoes. Ferragamos have got to be my favorite. So classic with just the right amount of detail. Put these on with any outfit and you're instantly the classiest lady around. (I'm clearly concerned with being classic and classy, can you tell?) Pants, skirts, that Jenny Lewis tee, they go with anything. I'd love these in the Scarlet color as well, but black is...classic. (I promise I won't use that word again!)

If you're interested in where you can find these items, or you're interested in BUYING me these items, here are links and details:

1. NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave ($24 at; 2. Jenny Lewis Hot Damn T-shirt in Tan ($12 at; 3. Lumber Jill Roll On Perfume ($10 from LittleBatch on Etsy); 4. Gold Stacking Ring ($20 from SylviaAnderson on Etsy); 5. Feist's Metals on Vinyl ($15 at; 6. Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Patent Flats in Black ($395 at

What are you asking for this year? What are you getting others?

Monday, October 17, 2011

While I haven't really had any time to post anything truly interesting or exciting because of work, class, work, family drama, emergencies, life, work, and then, well, sleeping, I at least have a few minutes to post some of my favorite shots from this past summer. My dear friend Annie who appears in the shots is the loveliest and always willing to do the silly things I ask of her. Not to mention that she's an absolute beaut.

And a little extra something for you: This Photo DIY by Autumn de Wilde was posted over at Rookie Mag today, and I found it extremely inspiring, so check it out fo' yo'self and get inspired!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some longtime favorite people of mine recently made their way back over to my neck of the woods touring in support of their latest album, Skying, so naturally I had to tag along to a few of the East Coast dates. Over the course of five days I traveled from DC to Philadelphia to New York for a Horrors show at each location, lugging my camera along. I had a film fiasco along the way where I lost a roll with both Horrors shots AND Felice Brothers shots on it, but I have grieved and moved on. Sort of. Neither location was ideal for shooting, but I tried my best to dodge the bobbing heads surrounding me and managed to snap a few O.K. shots during the shows.

The Horrors

The Horrors

The Horrors

The Horrors
Welp, I have no idea what will become of this little blog or if I will remember that it exists, but we're off!